Soghra Khurasani - 30/11/2010

Amazing camp...Thank you Kala Sakshi for giving me this opportunity to be part of it, I learnt a lot from this camp. After my Master's degree, I was a little lost, but this camp and lectures were fantastic. I am going back with a lot of confidence. It has been great, thank you Kavita mam and Pavan sir.

Aditi Aggarwal - 01/12/2012

The experience of being at the workshop was absolutely great. The interaction with fellow artists and the senior artists, critics, curators really helped us to enhance our knowledge of art. Also, the screenings, lectures about the portfolio/film etc helped us to give another perspective towards art as a subject as perceived by other fields. In all, the very experience of staying here and working was a great learning experience. Thank you very much!

Pallavi Majumder - 02/12/2013

It was such a lovely experience, rather a life-changing experience for me. I had come across so many artists from so many provinces and it was such a big pleasure to learn from their works. It surely has enriched me and my art. Not to forget, the interactive sessions and presentations by eminent personalities have enormously exhilarated, inspired and motivated me for my future ventures. Meeting so many people, so many new friends, such a beautiful place, away from deafening sounds and blinding lights, so close to nature, it was really a beautiful experience away from home but as if with an extended family. I love to thank Kavita Mam and Pavan Sir for such a lovely initiative and wish to be part of such programs again and again in future, life was really beautiful here. Thanks a ton, with lots and lots of Love.

Bhagyashree - 2014

It was a wonderful experience to be part of the Kala Sakshi workshop. The presentations and talks by eminent artists helped a lot in absorbing as much knowledge in the art. I thank Kavita Mam and Pavan Sir and the rest members of Kala Sakshi for their intensive support.

Ekta Singha - 2014

Thank you Kavita Mam and Pavan Sir for organising such an overwhelming workshop and experience. I loved being a part of this workshop this year. Thank you for giving me such an opportunity. Actually, this workshop has become an experience and we created so many unforgettable memories that we are going to rejoice in these moments and experience forever.

Digbijayee Khatua - 2014

Thank you Kala Sakshi Memorial Foundation and special thanks to Kavita Mam and Pavan Sir. I enjoyed the 4 days of the workshop and learned a lot. Good experience and help for young artists.

Krishna Trivedi - 2014

I am very glad that I got this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much Kavita Mam and Pavan Sir for providing a good platform for very young artists like us. Even the workshop schedule is also very nice, that we got opportunities to meet Artists and they also shared their journey in the art world with us plus the other participants from various parts of India are also here. So we got a chance to interact with each other too. It was a wonderful experience like here also we are a family. The warm atmosphere of the workshop was also very nice. We have learned a lot here in this very short period, but we are going back with lots of knowledge and unforgettable memories. Once again thank you so much Kavita Mam. I am really looking forward to participating in all perspectives in our Kala Sakshi family.

Samiksha - 27/11/2016

It's like a turning point in my life. A very well planned motivational workshop for me that made sense about what is actually incorporated within my ideas. A better step for me to develop my work sense. Special thanks to "Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust". Thank you Kavita Mam and the group.

Suman Chandra - 26/11/2017

Very very nice people with whom I got attached and this platform is one of my first and best platform. For the first time, I came to Delhi as a stranger and then I got attached to Mam and her Kala Sakshi family. It has been a very helpful and beautiful experience for me.

Nilisha Jagdish Phad - 01/12/2019

Being a student of J.J, I was absorbed in the artistic world and art exposure Mumbai has to offer but lacked interaction with students and artists from other institutes and their thinking processes. Kala Sakshi workshop offered me this opportunity to interact with students, curators, mentors and established artists which opened up new horizons for me. Also, the place where the residency was held has an atmosphere that embraces the creativity of artists and was a pleasure to be in and work. I heartily thank the Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust and hope other future scholars can experience this pleasure of work, interaction and fun.

Vamsi - 01/12/2019

This was my first residency program. It's my first time in Sanskriti Kendra by Kala Sakshi. I'm glad to be with this amazing program. People around me were amazing, Kavita Mam, Chetna Mam and Manmeet Mam were really amazing and had such great personalities. I never felt like I'm amongst strangers, it's become like a family. Thank you for the opportunity.