Sakshi envisioned an inspiring world brimming of creativity and passion for art, music, design, theatre, & education - above all a freewheeling mind. A world where the young have the freedom to add colour to their dreams and say one's piece, be it on canvas, paper or through any other medium!! Despite being a student of Fine arts, and a compere, she was also working for the theatre and small-screen productions for television and corporate films, nevertheless an extremely grounded person who did not believe in pretensions.
Dr Sanjiv Nair
For Art Explorer..

Sakshi’s graceful and charming personality contained enormous talent that was enough to plague anybody. She used to say “I love communicating with people and it gives me ideas to explore deeper into the meaning of life“.




Sakshi in the media

Sakshi A Vibrant and cheerful girl with disarming frankness tempered with heart of gold ….. a personality neither imposing nor meek…… a fascinating acquaintance and a loyal friend……delightful company alternating with motherly ear. Pragmatic and goofy all at once, pleasant throughout and never down. A childlike innocence, but never impressionable. Happy above all else and always.... and that shall be our memory.
Akshay Madhavan
(a very dear friend)