It is an art scholarship awarded to a fine art student in the 4th year of BFA or 1st & 2nd year of MFA.
No, the scholarships are awarded annually.
KSMT awards five scholarships every year to outstanding art students.

KSMT scholarship recipients are recognized for their outstanding art talent. Each recipient will be awarded a sum of Rs 30,000. In addition, the recipients will benefit from the opportunity to be mentored by senior persons in the artist community as well as to establish linkages with people in the field, and support in organizing exhibitions of their works at a future date.

It is normally mentioned on our application form and regularly announced on our social media platforms.
Completed applications received from eligible candidates will be reviewed by a Selection Committee and a list of shortlisted candidates (finalists) will be announced on the website and social media platforms.
The names of the finalists will be announced on the website and our social media platformss. Finalists will also be informed by email.