2020 marked a testing year for the whole world, and we being a part of the Art community in India focused on reworking on our programming. In this year of Pandemic, Kala Sakshi stepped forward to render help to the students pursuing Arts, and organized online events.Kala Sakshi also continued doing the Annual Scholarship but on the digital platfo

We stand in support of the Art Students

Kala Sakshi collaborated with their Digital Marketing Team Lusso to render help to the students pursuing Arts. The online sale continued for almost 3 months of the first lockdown to aid students that were facing challenges in sustaining their livelihood. Kala Sakshi was able to raise more than Rupees 8 Lakhs by selling 240 art works hence supporting 140 artists without taking any commissions for the trust.


In the new era of virtual life, KalaSakshi hosted a webinar in the interest of young artists with an aim to mentor and share knowledge while discussing the various facets of the field. The online session was open for everyone in the art field on zoom and facebook. The workshop focused on providing the necessary skills required by young artists to help them grow and present their works in a professional way. Filling an important gap required in an artists’ career.

Selected Candidates for Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust Award.


  • Kuldip Sarma , Surat School Of Fine Arts, Gujrat (BFA Painting)
  • Amar Limboo , GCAC, Kolkata (BFA Painting)
  • Pathik Sahoo, RBU (MFA Printmaking)
  • Nayanjyoti Barman, MSU (MFA Sculpture)
  • Rajaram Alias Naik, MIT Adt University, Pune (MFA Sculpture)

Congratulations to all the Kalasakshi Memorial Trust awardees & scholars

Online Jury

The annual jury for the year 2020 was held in January 2021, due to the impending uncertainty with regards to admissions and exams. Kala Sakshi decided to extend their submission dates so that all the students got a fair chance. 

Like every year this year too we had a two-tier jury with the later being a proper interview with the jury members and selected students in the newly accustomed online format.

  • Subodh Kerkar, Eminent Artist

  • Manisha Parekh, Eminent Artist

  • Yamini Telkar, Art Curator

  • Urvija Shukla, Advisory – Kala Sakshi

Selected candidates for the Workshop

  • Manmita Ray, Viswa Bharati  (BFA Painting)
  • Deepak Poulose, Viswa Bharati (MFA Painting)
  • Sneha Patel, Sn School, Hyd (MFA Painting)
  • Nishchay Thakur, College Of Art, Delhi  (MFA Sculpture)
  • Debashish Paul, BHU (MFA Sculpture)
  • Akshay Chari, Sn School, HYD (MFA Sculpture)  

Mentoring Workshop with SHALEEN WADHWANA - Building A Road Map For Emerging Artists