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  Q. What is the Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust (KSMT) Scholarship?
  A ..
It is an art scholarship awarded to an art student in the final year of study.
  Q. Is this a one-time scholarship?
  A ..
No, the scholarships will be awarded annually.
  Q. How many people will be awarded a scholarship this year?
  A ..
KSMT has announced three scholarships for the year 2010-11, to be awarded to three outstanding art students.
  Q. What is the benefit of the scholarship?
  A ..
A KSMT scholarship recipients are recognized for their outstanding art talent. Each recipient will be awarded Rs 30,000. In addition, recipients will benefit from the opportunity to be mentored by senior persons in the artist community as well as to establish linkages with people in the field, and support in organizing exhibitions of their works at a future date.
  Q. When is the last date for application for the scholarship?
  A .. For scholarships for the year 2010-11, completed applications must be received latest by August 31, 2010.
  Q. What is the selection procedure?
  A ..
Completed applications received from eligible candidates will be reviewed by a Selection Committee and a list of shortlisted candidates (finalists) will be announced on the website. Finalists will be invited for interviews to Delhi. An eminent jury of artists, art critics and curators will interview the finalists and review their applications to decide the final recipients of the scholarship.

What are the timelines for the selection and when will the scholarship be awarded?

  A ..
For the 2010-11 scholarships, the finalists for interviews will be announced in September 2010. Interviews of the finalists will be held in Delhi in October 2010. The scholarships will be awarded at a memorial event to commemorate Sakshi Nayar on December 01, 2010.
  Q. How will I know if I am shortlisted (i.e. a finalist) for the interviews in Delhi?
  A .. The names of the finalists will be announced on the website in September 2010. Finalists will also be informed by email in September 2010.
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